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You agree through your use of this web site to hold and related web sites harmless to any actual or perceived harm you claim by your use of this web site, is an information web site to provide information to people that voluntarily ask for or are interested in direct sales opportunities including but not limited to a home based business, web site business or direct sales. More or less money or profits can be made by taking any actions you take from such information provided by You agree by the use of this site that you may not make any money or revenue and that there may be costs to you if you choose to follow information from this site or e-mails from or related sites. No guarantees or refunds are given if you aren't satisfied or if you lose money. All actions you take are ultimately your decision and information is provided to you from should not be relied on as your only source of business information. Do your own due diligence Check laws in your area and seek expert advice on issues not limited to tax laws or other business related requirements.

Advertisers, banners links to, or any businesses named here remain solely responsible for the content of their messages and offers and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless this website, and any related websites. site and related sites do not endorse or are responsible for any claims made by advertisement or offers they make. You agree by using this web site, that you do not hold this site or related sites responsible for your actions or any purchases or deals you your make with those businesses linked here or advertised here by banner or text links or mentioned in text. This user agreement can be changed without notice and should be reviewed periodically.

We may have affiliate relationships were get a commission when someone buys from such companies we show, display or mention here.

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Your privacy is important to this web site and takes reasonable actions to protect your privacy. No personal information is gathered on you other than normal web site practices possibly including but not limited to web site statistics, IP addresses or the use of cookies. Only where specifically asked, such as asking for your e-mail or name that your freely give us, this web site doesn't intentional gather personal information on you. No information on you is sold or shared with any other entity. No information on you will be given out other than if required by law or required in normal course of business while taking reasonable measures to protect your personal privacy. Other web sites or businesses linked here may collect information such as using cookies and have their own privacy policy. Guest books, forums or other known internet communication devices that you freely choose to engage in the use of could reveal information on you. This user agreement can be changed without notice and should be reviewed periodically. All reasonable measures are taken to protect your privacy and making the use of this web site a pleasurable.